This isn’t marketing, but…

It’s not really all that far off.

It’s a video that I made in the butterfly haven at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, where I volunteer. It’s of the button quail that live in the haven (one of the butterflies there is forthcoming).

Its real purpose was for me to test some new equipment and software that I recently acquired. People who see it certainly won’t get a bad impression of the haven, and maybe it would even inspire people to come and see it, but there’s no real clear message driving people there, and it’s unlikely that enough people will see the video on their own to have any real effect anyhow.

This kind of video could, however, become part of a marketing campaign. The one that I’ve proposed and still hope to get approval for, in fact.

The framework for the campaign would be a take on the “Team X vs. Team Y” meme, as started by Twilight. X and Y would be the haven’s butterflies and button quails respectively, for people to declare their allegiance to.

The core of the campaign, however, would be a website that would contain a bunch of stuff. Starting at the most basic:

  • Facts about butterflies and button quails generally
  • Facts about the butterflies and button quails in the haven in particular
  • News updates from the haven
  • Community functions: a place where people can declare their team affiliation, and create and share statements, videos, or whatnot to that effect.

This video, or something like it, could fit into any of these categories. Individual clips could be used to illustrate any of the first three points (they show, after all, typical button quail behaviors), while the full thing or something like it could be used for the fourth.

Hopefully, this campaign will become a reality and I’ll have much more to tell about it. Until then, enjoy the quail. They’re pretty cute.

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