Why Wait?

[Video; embedding link doesn’t seem to work]

This is a pretty cool video about how aging animals at the Baltimore Zoo get veterinary care. It was produced by the Baltimore Sun.

And while there’s no reason to begrudge that fact—any time you can attract positive attention like that from a major publication you do it—but I don’t think there’s any reason to rely on third parties anymore.

It’s not necessary. The equipment and technique to produce the video are easily accessible.

The big benefit is that the newspaper’s existing readership.

But today… everyone is, or can be, a publisher. And the readership, or viewership, can be built with interesting content.

The benefit to doing it yourself? Reliability. Traditional publishing is in decline. Not dying, on the whole; many individual publications will go under, but others will find a way to to scrounge another year of survival for a long time.

But the industry has been in decline since I joined it (1999, if we’re counting), and I think it will be forever.

An external source can provide eyeballs, perhaps. But producing internally can help to build community — an audience of people who are accustomed to looking to you for cool and interesting things that they can’t get elsewhere. And while coverage is valuable, people who care about you are priceless.

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