Link Dump #2

One big step in the slow development of this blog into a serious, legitimate, ongoing concern: I’ve added my blogroll, to the right.

Should museums be free? Modern Art Notes has an intriguing discussion on that topic. I’m not convinced by the argument made (as I commented, the fact that a free museum still sells 25,000 memberships is neither proof nor disproof that it could sell more as a pay museum), but I’m interested to see what kind of experience museums have had going from a pay to a free admission model.

“Easter Eggs” at museums. Via ExhibiTricks, and so cool. How do you not love bonuses that you don’t necessarily see at first?

Writing Rules for Beginners. I don’t agree with these on an absolute sense, except for points 4 and maybe 2, but they are a good starting point.

CivilWarReportr: Great use of Twitter by the National Park Service. A fictional reporter gives the news of the Civil War in real time (+150 years).

Turtle at North PondThree weeks ago, some of the people I volunteer with at the Nature Museum took a walk around the pond behind the museum after our shift. It was the first really nice day of the year, and we spotted a total of 59 turtles basking. Sadly, we haven’t had a whole lot of nice days since.

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