Link Dump #3

A follow-up to the discussion about museums going free-admission from Modern Art Notes. Tyler Green offers four examples that demonstrate that it can be a viable option, at least under certain circumstances. Situations, obviously, vary, but these are interesting case studies.

Before you complain about how stupid kids and their txt-speak are: “OMG” dates to 1917. (via History News Network.)

Houston Museum of Natural Science shared a picture of a sphinx moth caterpillar that had had a braconid wasp lay her eggs inside it. Nature is not always kind.

Rules for makers. (via Wondermark.)

Possibly of use to museums, but I’m more interested in bragging. It’s always nice to beat BoingBoing to a story, and I wrote about the super-bendable wood that they’re talking about here 10 years ago. (Despite the date on this page — I think that’s when the magazine I wrote it for switched over to a new site.)

Interview about the value of real and unique objects and experiences. Plus a shout-out to the Nature Museum‘s butterfly haven. (via ExhibiTricks.)

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