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Link Dump Sunday: Butterflies, Owls, Gen-X

Houston Museum of Natural Science is currently seeing monarch butterflies as they migrate south for the winter. Here they write about how they’re tagging specimens in hopes of learning about the butterflies’ migration patterns. (As they write, “Most of the … Continue reading

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QR Codes: Don’t Blame the Tool

I feel like I’ve been seeing some QR code backlash lately. This is the blog post where I first noticed it–or more accurately, some surprisingly knee-jerk reactions to the post from acquaintances who I always considered pretty tech-forward. Professionally, I’ve … Continue reading

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Flushed with Pride

In vitally important news, the Field Museum has won the Cintas Best Restroom Award, recognizing the best restrooms in America. My first reaction, upon reading the story, was “Thank goodness I didn’t have to write that story.” (I’ve had to … Continue reading

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Why Museums Should Be Media

A lot of journalism is bad. I’m not even just talking about the spin-direct-from-political-parties that passes for coverage of public affairs, although yes, that’s terrible. Or the features that are completely independent, except for the minor fact that an advertiser’s … Continue reading

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Defeating Destruction

Way too much of my life is spent around destructive forces. At work, I have the good fortune </sarcasm> to receive a lot of complaints–it’s not my job, but due to several not-very-good reasons, a lot wind up in my … Continue reading

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