Link Dump Sunday: Butterflies, Owls, Gen-X

Houston Museum of Natural Science is currently seeing monarch butterflies as they migrate south for the winter. Here they write about how they’re tagging specimens in hopes of learning about the butterflies’ migration patterns. (As they write, “Most of the migrating butterflies pass to the west of us, through Dallas and Austin and San Antonio, then over to Del Rio and into Mexico. Since fewer butterflies typically pass this way, the coastal migration route is not as well known.”)

High Desert Musings discusses owls, and specifically how they got to be affiliated with Halloween.

From the Association of Science-Technology Centers Annual Conference comes some really well-done science demos.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science’s annual “Dance Your Ph.D.” contest named its winner, “Microstructure-Property relationships in Ti2448 components produced by Selective Laser Melting: A Love Story“. I feel like a museum could easily adapt this contest for their own purposes. See all the entries here.

And finally, someone else decided they know how to judge Gen-X. (Or any other generation, for that matter). I’ve got some thoughts about the idea, but as a spoiler, my eyes are rolling.


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