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Link Dump Sunday: Curiosity in Action edition

This week’s links categorized themselves pretty neatly: They’re heavy on innovation and exploration. It’s always nice to see curiosity in action. Via SmartPlanet: Reactions to the supposed faster-than-light particle are an example of science operating as it should. In short, … Continue reading

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Side Project: Debate a Robot

I’ll be creating a I’ve created section for personal stuff in the reasonably near future, but until thenjust this once, I’ll share this here. As a side project, I’ve started a comedy webseries called Debate a Robot. It’s pretty much … Continue reading

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Museum Game Thought Experiment, part 1: Models

In the library world, where I currently work, gaming of all sorts is a significant trend. I’m particularly interested in large, custom games that a library would produce and operate as programs (or perhaps, “experiences”) for their patrons. In the … Continue reading

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Link Dump Sunday: Creation Edition

Today’s links are conveniently connected by the idea of creation. First, IMLS and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation awarded $1.2 million in grants to 4 museums and 8 libraries to build 21st Century learning labs, where users … Continue reading

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Fan-Made Works in Museums

At the Nature Museum‘s volunteer dinner earlier this year, I was given an assignment of sorts. The museum’s butterfly haven has a population of about 25 button quail, little birds who serve as the haven’s cleanup crew. They’re also adorable, … Continue reading

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Link Dump Sunday: Coming down with something edition

A quick link dump, because I’m not feeling well and want to get to bed. The Symphony of Science video series is awesome, and the newest one is out: “Onward to the Edge“. And from NASA, a video about the … Continue reading

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Matrix Fry, the Dragon

Unrelated to anything, but a nice diversion from a rather stressful week: I made a dragon. Out of printer ribbons. This is its story. Genesis Where I work, one of the customs is to leave unwanted materials on a table … Continue reading

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