Link Dump SuMonday

A bit late with the Link Dump. ‘Twas a tricky week last week, and I’m glad that I spent a few extra days to try to keep the last post constructive rather than snide. Considering that the list of things I’ve been yelled at expanded to include “Using the word ‘comprise’ correctly” and “Including vital information in the lead of a story rather than the second paragraph when the reader apparently wanted it”–well, I may not have gotten it all the way away from snide, but it’s a lot further than it was.

The links:

Huffington Post published a somewhat downbeat article about how history museums are changing their exhibit approaches to try to attract more visitors.

I’ve been really impressed with the stories that the Chicago History Museum has been posting to its blog this week. Locally focused and really interesting, like the impact of the one film Charlie Chaplin made in Chicago.

Also local, the Lincoln Park Zoo’s reconstruction of its South Pond to improve it as an animal habitat and an educational tool was recognized by AIA Chicago. I don’t particularly care about the award, but I can testify that it’s a pretty wonderful place.

From Smart Planet, analysis of when the right time to transition to renewable energy. Spoiler: A while ago.

Julia Butterfly

And finally a couple of pictures from my shift at the Nature Museum yesterday. First, a Julia butterfly, whose color contrasts nicely with the engloomening weather outside.


Box turtles at the Peggy Notebaert Nature MuseumAnd second, two of the museum’s box turtles. As it turns out, Pretty Girl (left) is a bit of a bully; this was taken shortly after she had forcibly shoved Claire out of the way.


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