Link Dump Sunday: Creation Edition

Today’s links are conveniently connected by the idea of creation.

First, IMLS and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation awarded $1.2 million in grants to 4 museums and 8 libraries to build 21st Century learning labs, where users can create content rather than just use it. The grant program is inspired by Chicago Public Library’s YOUMedia teen space, which is pretty fantastic; I’ve seen a bit of it in action, for an article about their readers’ theater troupe. I’m always pretty excited at programs that help people move from consumer to maker.

Then, Science Hack Day San Francisco photos, from Matt Biddulph. Science Hack Day, generally, is an event to bring people together to make things with science. Chicago had a couple of representatives there, and I’m hoping to be involved in helping to recreate it here.

And finally, an essay at The Museum of the Future blog urging the hiring of passion and ideas rather than consistency in a position. I’ve known plenty of people whose qualifications look good on paper but whose primary skill is just covering their own tails. Give me someone with ideas and the drive to make them happen any day.

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