Link Dump Sunday: Curiosity in Action edition

This week’s links categorized themselves pretty neatly: They’re heavy on innovation and exploration. It’s always nice to see curiosity in action.

Via SmartPlanet: Reactions to the supposed faster-than-light particle are an example of science operating as it should. In short, science works because discoveries can be and are tested. We expect that the results that indicated faster-than-light particles are caused by error not because they go against current theory, but because they go against every observation of the universe so far. And the testing continues to see if there were errors.

Curiously enough, augmented reality was what convinced me to finally get a smartphone. I’ve used it almost not at all since then, but I’m still at least intrigued. From Discover, scientists are making the first tests of AR contact lenses. And via BoingBoing, a demonstration of how to make an AR magazine cover.

More from Science Hack Day San Francisco, including the winning hacks.

Mars Curiosity launched yesterday! (It’s quite personable on Twitter.) From via We Are All In the Gutter, this is how it plans to land once it reaches its destination.

And finally, an off-topic reminder about my new web series, Debate a Robot. Watch it on YouTube or the schnazzy new personal-stuff page of this blog.

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