Link Dump Sunday: Lots of Computers

Well, at least a couple of the links are directly computer-related:

Via Reach Advisors, a report on the value of computer kiosks in museums. The study found ambivalence toward computers in exhibits among museum-goers. I think that’s a logical result: For most people, a computer is a commonplace object. Plenty of us carry a fairly powerful one around with us in our pocket. So there isn’t much need to go to a museum to see one. While thoughtful deployment of computer kiosks can certainly provide value, their mere existence in a museum won’t provide the unique experience that can cultivate fans.

Via BoingBoing, a petition has been started to persuade the UK government to pardon computing pioneer and war Alan Turing for the “gross indecency” of being gay. The punishment for that crime let him to commit suicide two years later. Sadly but understandably, you can only sign if you’re a British citizen or you live in the UK.

The American Association of Museums has restarted the Emerging Museum Professionals blog. As a new AAM member who still doesn’t really know how to get involved, I’m hoping this provides some kind of entry.

From Eye Level, a convergence of art and science. Researchers used an infrared camera to discover how one painting was precisely replicated a hundred years later.

The Museum of the Future shared 30 tips for successful crowdsourcing projects. I’ve used crowdsourcing for a couple of projects, and it worked well if not absolutely. The projects had quite specific end products, and I got useful contributions toward them, but I also had to add my own.

From BoingBoing, a limerick for the still-hypothetical Higgs boson.

From the NASA History Office, a reminder that December 7 was the 29th anniversary of the famous “Blue Marble” photograph.

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