Link Dump Sunday: You Are Not Alone Edition

A relatively short link dump this week. The first real blast of winter made me sick, as it tends to do, so I’ve been minimally aware of things generally this week. I am happy to report that a couple of posts last week actually attracted some minor attention, and people have kept coming back to some extent. Meaning that the goose-eggs that WordPress’s stat report were showing have added 1s or 2s in front of them. It’s a nice change, and thank you for reading.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art posted about the librarianship (read: organization) involved in its ArtBabble art video website. How do you make 1,200 videos easily findable? IMA tells.

Another insider look comes from the Canadian Museum of Nature, which shares how it selected 56 photos, from a field of 20,000, for its Awesome Arctic exhibition.

And from MIT, a press release detailing a new trillion-frame-per-second video camera. To which I can’t say much but, “Cool.”

(And, point of personal privilege, or something like that: Have you been watching Debate a Robot? Here’s the newest episode, a very quick one on the NBA just in time for the end of the lockout.

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