Link Dump Sunday: Merry Winter Edition

That’s right. I’m wishing you a whole season of merriment, not just a day. So if you’re one of those people who likes to make a big deal about the so-called War on Christmas, well, just think about all the merriness you’d be giving up.

First off, because some uplifting is always in order, Vlacav Havel’s inaugural address. Powerful words…

From the Smithsonian, an interview with Tommy Tallarico. He’s the creator of the very cool Video Games Live concert series.

At the Archaelogy, Museums, and Outreach blog, an interesting discussion about the relationship between the virtual and real space. Of note: “Less scientific, but rather instructive, during the last meeting of my Museum Practices class this semester, I asked “Does any student know of, heard about, or can you cite any instance where an individual did not visit a museum because they had experienced the collections online?  Have any of you canceled your trips to Amsterdam because the Google Art Project has placed so many of Van Gogh’s paintings online?”  Of course the answer was an emphatic NO to the latter question, and no one could point to an example of the former.”

At The 99% blog, a listing of resources to teach yourself a variety of useful creative software packages.

From Museum Minute, thoughts on the role of museums in the community, particularly as a commons.

Via The Wall Street Journal, an intriguing plan for an applied sciences campus in New York City by Cornell University

Discover Magazine’s Top 100 Science Stories of the Year.

The announcement of free online classes from MIT can’t fail to be a Good Thing.

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