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Link Dump Sunday: Recovered edition

I’ve found a few cool things this week, which means that it’s time for me to stop complaining about how exhausted I am from my recent conference. But complaining is neat, isn’t it? Yeah, you’re right, it really isn’t. From … Continue reading

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Information Design and Marketing

I realized this morning that yesterday’s soapdish/design rant managed to completely miss the point of this blog, specifically marketing. Which is too bad, because it’s relevant there. Can I still blame the stress of the conference for my oversight? When … Continue reading

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Thoughtful Design: Lessons from a Soap Dish

My first lesson from the recent conference actually comes from the hotel. I was staying at the Dallas Sheraton, which is pretty typical: a downtown hotel catering to the convention crowd, overpriced and conspicuously upscale. All convention hotels seem to … Continue reading

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Conferences: A Descent into Madness

My employer’s Midwinter Meeting (not conference, please, it’s a thing…) was last weekend. Now, covering it for said employer’s magazine is one of the things I truly enjoy doing. It’s also stressful, with fast-paced, 14-hour days and the constant danger … Continue reading

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Link Dump Sunday: Is It Sunday Already? Edition

Well, obviously not. But I’ll be at my employer’s Midwinter Meeting this weekend (please don’t call it a conference!) and, as that will entail working from about 6am to midnight each day, I ain’t posting here in that time. I … Continue reading

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Museum Game Thought Experiment, Part 4: Other Issues

In Part 3, I started a plan for the gameplay for Art Summer, a hypothetical summer game for a museum. In this final part, I’m going to address some of the other issues involved in the running of the game. … Continue reading

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Link Dump Sunday: Short Edition

And when I say “short,” I mean in length. Not that everything is related to people under 5’2″ or some arbitrary number like that. It’s been a busy week… From BlogJunction, the importance of storytelling in marketing. Targeted towards libraries, … Continue reading

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