Link Dump Sunday: New Year, New Domain edition

A very happy new year to, well, you. May you go forth and do good things.

Museum Beyond has a new domain. Yep, I splurged. Now you can read this blog at ( should still work, but who wants that?)

Hennepin County Library (Minneapolis and suburbs, and coincidentally my library growing up) is hosting a local history Wikipedia edit-a-thon. A great way to tap its own resources and the knowledge of the public to serve both the community and society at large. I have to think that a number of museums would do great things if they followed suit.

From Penny Arcade, some extraordinarily bad (and humiliating, and damaging) customer service. Let it serve as a reminder to anyone who works with anyone: Don’t get angry, at least not until you can channel it someplace harmless.

Pacific Science Center Life Sciences has a weekly feature that’s wonderful for me, Fresh Sheets. It reveals which new butterfly chrysalides they’ve received that week for their butterfly house. They include some photos, which helps me to identify some of the butterflies at the Nature Museum‘s butterfly haven.

Cool ideas for reusing dead light bulbs from TheWondrous. Though naturally, CFLs aren’t included.

And finally, from BoingBoing, although the post isn’t there anymore so I’ll go to the Vimeo vid, a 3-D printer. Only it uses sand, and prints in glass, through the power of the sun. Inspired to do something cool yet?

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