Link Dump Sunday: Partly Mobile Edition

Ok, there’s not a strict common thread running through today’s link dump, but there are at least a few items that touch on mobile apps. Good enough for me!

Via PSFK, a new collection-related mobile game from the Tate Modern art museum in London, England. Haven’t yet downloaded, but I’m certainly intrigued.

A review of four more apps that examine museum objects, from Thinking About Exhibits. Again, it’s on my to-examine list.

Thoughts on creating games more cheaply at Ralph Koster’s Website. Aimed at commercial developers, but some things worth thinking about for smaller-scale projects.

From Tame the Web, an insider’s view of a public digital media lab.

Via Beth’s Blog, some infographics on measuring the effects of social media. While I don’t believe that numbers are acceptable as the sole end goal, they have to be a significant part of it.

From the National Aquarium in Baltimore, an intelligent way to use social media to react to a local news story. In this case, a local whale spotting.

A funny (though rude) guide to bad things on online shopping carts at The Oatmeal. I’d apply most of these user interface complaints to online job-application systems as well.

Of some slight personal amusement: The Dallas Observer picked up a local dining guide that I wrote in advance of my employer’s big meeting there later this month. Considering the difficulties of that guide (I originally offered the commission to write up personal recommendations to a local, who delegated it to her secretary, who just lifted a bunch of reviews verbatim from online review sites, so I got to scramble last minute to fill the pages) it’s… well… amusing.

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