Link Dump Sunday: Short Edition

And when I say “short,” I mean in length. Not that everything is related to people under 5’2″ or some arbitrary number like that. It’s been a busy week…

From BlogJunction, the importance of storytelling in marketing. Targeted towards libraries, but applicable to all.

A nice idea: Indianapolis Museum of Art has created a playoff bracket for the favorite pieces of art from its website. This looks to be part of a series of collections that include works in storage and therefore only available online, which is a very nice touch and a nice way to use the internet to enhance service.

I just discovered WonderHowTo‘s Final Cut category, and it’s a shame I didn’t discover it a long time ago. It gave me a lot of help with sound editing on a vid for my day job that was causing a lot of stress; I’ll add a thorough exploration of it to my list of things to do when I get time. Because I’m sure that will happen any minute now…

Starts with a Bang shared some photos from inside a (possibly-still-active) Russian rocket factory. Mind-blowing.

And just for fun: PopDose sent a 12-year-old girl to interview indie-internet-nerd-rocker Jonathan Coulton. The results are great; strongly recommended for fans and people who want to be cool. (Coulton wrote the end themes for the Portal video games, the first of which includes one of the best turns of phrases ever: “We do what we must… because we can.”

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