Link Dump Sunday: Is It Sunday Already? Edition

Well, obviously not. But I’ll be at my employer’s Midwinter Meeting this weekend (please don’t call it a conference!) and, as that will entail working from about 6am to midnight each day, I ain’t posting here in that time. I am, actually, looking forward to it; while it’s technically a business meeting rather than a conference, there are going to be some discussions (please don’t call them programs!) that I’m quite interested in. Several should be applicable to museums, and I have every intent of discussing them here after.

But on to the link dump!

Pumped Librarian has some very preliminary thoughts on CodeYear, a free online JavaScript course from Codeacademy. I’m taking the class, and will write about it; thus far, my review would be that while there are a few bits that might be improved, it’s worth far more than what you’re paying. Of course, it’s still quite early.

Know your own bone… offers 8 tips for museums and nonprofits to engage Millennials. Worthwhile to note, although I’m far from convinced that there’s any need to limit them by age.

I recently discovered The Library as Incubator Project, a blog reporting on how libraries and artists work together. Worth following for any organization interested in encouraging creation among its patrons.

From Lifehacker, an sort-of how-to on taking volunteer vacations to get to exotic locations and save money. I hadn’t, honestly, considered the possibility, but I do like volunteering, vacations, exotic locations, and saving money, so maybe I should have.

Symphony of Science has a new video! While I don’t want to judge other people’s taste, I’m not sure how you can have a soul and not be stirred by this series.

And finally, from BoingBoing, a fact worth noting: Many of the senators and representatives supporting PIPA and SOPA are themselves infringers of copyright.

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