Link Dump Sunday: Recovered edition

I’ve found a few cool things this week, which means that it’s time for me to stop complaining about how exhausted I am from my recent conference. But complaining is neat, isn’t it? Yeah, you’re right, it really isn’t.

From Blooloop, an article about the Field Museum’s online and social media marketing efforts, including a brief look at its Specimania mobile game. It’s billed as an interview with CIO Joe Brennan, which isn’t quite the case, but that doesn’t change how cool the projects are. (As in, “I wanna work for that guy” cool.)

From the Asian Art Museum, a mega-cool use of social media. In honor of Chinese New Year, tweet your birthday to @asianartmuseum, and they’ll tweet back a piece of art featuring your zodiac animal. This is mine; I’m a dragon.

Dragon in clouds netsuke from the Asian Art Museum

Dragon in clouds netsuke from the Asian Art Museum

From the CBC, a pair of Canadian teens sent a Lego man into space. What did you do today?

Anyone else doing Code Year? I learned about this programming site at my recent conference; I haven’t actually gone through it, although I already love it from its front page. Profanity built in.

A lovely sea slug (how often do you expect to hear that phrase) at Monterey Bay Aquarium:

Taylor's Sea Hare

Taylor's Sea Hare at Monterey Bay Aquarium

And just for fun: Yesterday I spotted this malachite butterfly chillin’ in the butterfly haven at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. Enjoy!

malachite butterfly

Malachite butterfly, chillin' at Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum's Butterfly Haven

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