Small Little Link Dump Sun–Whoa! Look Over There! The Super Bowl!

I’d love to blame the Super Bowl for the shortness of this week’s link dump, but I can’t.* Nope, the fault this time goes to my day job. In the wake of Stressful Conference Thing comes Even More Stressful Project that involves 18.5 pounds of architectural photos (yes, I weighed them, since I hauled them all home this weekend) and creation of about 160 web pages over the next month. So I’ve been correspondingly less diligent about my museum reading.

Still, there’s some:

@ZooKeeperRick has marked the Super Bowl in a cute way, seeking out the #Giants of the animal kingdom. The Cairns Birdwing, a huge and gorgeous butterfly from Australia, was my contribution.

At Huffington Post, a report on interactive technologies in exhibits at the Rubin Museum of Art, which uses QR codes to provide an interactive timeline with photos and video for an exhibit, and the American Museum of Natural History. While the phrase “First, technology is ‘cool'” is pretty horrifying to me–the only value in a QR code for a museum is if it improves the museum experience, and the simple novelty of using a phone doesn’t do that–it sounds like the implementation has the potential to do so.

The awesome Neil deGrasse Tyson‘s short, smart explanation of why he doesn’t want to be president.

And, speaking of scientific reason hitting the fore: An editorial from the Lafayette (Ind.) Journal and Courier about teaching creationism in classrooms, and importantly a clever way to fight back. (A state bill that would have granted school boards the right to teach creationism as equally valid as evolution. A state senator, Vi Simpson, added an amendment saying that if Christian Biblical creation gets to be taught in science, then every other religion’s creations should as well.)

Time to go back to architecture-world. It’s a lovely world, although some people who live there believe that it’s acceptable to call a window a “vision portal.”

* It might be Bill Belichick’s fault. He is a genius.

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