Link Dump Sunday: February is Hard Edition

I hit the wall this week. My current project at work is a biggie–a package that essentially combines 14 different features. This week things hit the wall: nothing too tragic, just reaching a point where my non-work time also had to be pretty non-thought time. So, yeah, I haven’t been terribly engaged this week.

Enough whining: Here’s some cool stuff that I did find.

From Mission Paradox, an essay about respecting the attention that your audience grants you. Specifically: If someone is subscribing to your email newsletter or your YouTube videos, it’s important to give them something to educate, inspire, or entertain, rather than just sell them something.

This is What a Scientist Looks Like is a new-ish tumblr that aims to challenge stereotypical perceptions of scientists. That annoys me no end when librarians do it, because I think their strategy and intensity is poorly thought out. This site is, at least, understated, and focuses on scientists being unique people rather than on the stereotype.

And a horribly cheap laugh: Rude Birds by Habitat, by Stephen Wildish. When you’re stressed, animals with slightly naughty names are great for a laugh.

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