Link Dump Sunday: Maybe a Quiet Week This Time Edition

It’s been a lengthy month. And while I thought that this week would be easier, this happened. Oh well; perhaps next week will get less tumultuous.

But until that, here’s some cool stuff I saw in the past week.

From PSFK, a photography exhibition in Portugal using augmented reality and QR codes to enhance the experience, creating changing soundscapes for each piece with an algorithm that factors in variables like time of day and ambient noise levels.

Pinterest has seemed to explode in the past week. Here are my recently begun boards. I’ll be examining it for potential museum usage in the near future.

From Starts with a Bang, more about the retesting of those faster-than-light neutrinos, which are more likely not faster than light and actually experimental error.

From the Atlanta History Center, the “Stuff Museum People Say” video:

And, Talking about Talking, a newish blog that’s actually a record of a mentorship in public relations and marketing. Should be worth reading.

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2 Responses to Link Dump Sunday: Maybe a Quiet Week This Time Edition

  1. I am intrigued by Pininterest as well. Here is a page I started:

    Several of the nonprofit blogs are now pushing this pretty hard. Will be interesting to see how this goes.

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