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A Big Transition

Last week was another in a fairly long line of eventful weeks. First was the wedding of a very good friend. And then, on Monday, I quit my job. The two are only slightly related, by time and by the … Continue reading

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Hey! I’m on BoingBoing!

A very quick return to the blog (a wedding, plus some unrelated and ultimately exciting crisis preparation took me out for a while) to point you all to “From barn to bibliothek, a library emerges from history,” an article that … Continue reading

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Buildings on the Brain

The major project that has consumed much of my past three months is very nearly completed. You can see it (or at least, 12 of its 14 parts) here. It’s a showcase of new and renovated library buildings. I don’t … Continue reading

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Link Dump Sunday: Special Request Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve had a non-tumultuous week. This week’s tumult was, at least, the most positive of any in recent memory. Specifically, the book pitch that I made a couple of months ago, which has been lying … Continue reading

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A Duty to be Cool

I’ve noticed myself using “cool” a lot on this blog, especially in the link dumps. It’s a bit of a tic, I’ll admit, but I think there’s a bit of justification. I think being cool is part of a museum’s … Continue reading

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Pinterest for Museums, Part 4: Links-a-Go-Go

This is the last section of my series on Pinterest for museums. Part 1 covered the basics of the site; Part 2 examined what some museums are currently doing on the site, and Part 3 looked at the site’s potential … Continue reading

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Link Dump Sunday: There is a Small Mailbox Here

I discovered yesterday, via Fresh & New(er), that Inform7 is out. Inform is a language for writing text adventure games (think Zork). A few years ago, I experimented with Inform6 and created a mostly functional game, complete with storyline and … Continue reading

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