Link Dump Sunday: There is a Small Mailbox Here

I discovered yesterday, via Fresh & New(er), that Inform7 is out. Inform is a language for writing text adventure games (think Zork). A few years ago, I experimented with Inform6 and created a mostly functional game, complete with storyline and puzzles and all. (Including a surprisingly lethal version of the theater warm-up Zip Zap Zop.) It was not overly difficult–I managed it with no more programming experience than a year of Java.

According to the blog, Inform7 is a few steps simpler. Fresh & New(er) author Seb Chan whipped up a quick game set at WebWise, with the idea that a similar game might be well adaptable to a museum setting. I’m interested to try, and this morning the beginnings of a game set at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum‘s butterfly haven came into my head. No doubt I’ll have some time to tackle that project Real Soon Now.

Some other cool stuff I saw this week:

The Smithsonian is building an archive of printable 3D scans of its collection. At least, starting to. While there are no plans yet to make them available to the public, it’s a neat start. (Via BoingBoing).

Rejection Therapy, a game with the goal of getting over the fear of rejection by trying to be rejected daily. An interesting idea, at least.

More interesting thoughts, these ones about how to succeed at making stuff in new media, from

And from LibraryGamer, a neat infographic about how education is adapting gaming concepts.

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