Pinterest for Museums, Part 4: Links-a-Go-Go

This is the last section of my series on Pinterest for museums. Part 1 covered the basics of the site; Part 2 examined what some museums are currently doing on the site, and Part 3 looked at the site’s potential for museums.

This part will just be a collection of links to what other people have written.

Museum Diary goes over the basics, and muses about potential copyright issues on the site. It also has a very good listing of museums currently using Pinterest.

BlueGlass offers “everything you need to know” from a brand standpoint. While not modestly titled, the write-up is quite thorough.

ReadWriteWeb‘s take, which is that if you haven’t heard of Pinterest, “You’re a big dork.”

SproutSocial offers well-thought conditions that might make Pinterest not suitable for your museum.

Mashable‘s very large collection of Pinterest-related articles.

QuickSprout offers a marketer’s guide to Pinterest. Goes over the basics, but it also discusses topics like content-finding tools, reasons to be on the site, brands that are and aren’t fit for Pinterest, SEO optimization, and strategies.

Another collection of Pinterest-related links at Muse21.

Ideas for Usage

The Museum of the Future offers five ideas for Pinterest usage for museums.

ArchivesInfo has a few observations of how museums can use Pinterest, with examples.

Entrepreneur magazine‘s article on Pinterest has a few ideas. From a for-profit perspective, but reasonably adaptable for museums as well.

Personal experiences

The following posts detail the authors’ personal experiences with the site, each with a museum angle:
Best of 3

The National Burns Collection in Scotland.
Lspurdle’s Posterous
New England Museum Association

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