Link Dump Sunday: This is a Fish Edition

Today’s link dump is a fish. No, not that I’m linking to a fish. The link dump itself is a fish, swimming through the sea, avoiding other fish because it’s antisocial, and occasionally creating graffiti on the side of the Titanic that reads “Kilroy was elsewhere.”

Uh… April fool?

Why don’t we pretend that didn’t happen and just move on?

From the Library as Incubator Project, a look at the Fab Lab at Fayetteville (N.Y.) Free Library. Given that several museums were among the recipients of recent IMLS grants to build similar spaces, I think it’s relevant. Also: Hackerspaces? Cool!

From Imagonem, an interview with Norway’s new Minister of International Development, notable because of his interest in role-playing games.

If you’re not reading the Chicago History Museum‘s blog, you should. It does a great job of telling the stories related to and extending the museum’s exhibits. This one discusses visitor experiences at the museum’s recent Out in Chicago exhibit.

And from the Center for Communicating Science, an interesting contest: The Flame Challenge, where the goal is to explain flame to an 11-year-old.


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