About this Blog

This blog, generally, is about museum marketing that goes beyond traditional marketing techniques. I’m strongly influenced by the notion of the Third Place: the idea of a place that is neither work nor home where people go for community and comfort. Of course, in most situations a museum isn’t exactly appropriate candidate for that: there isn’t one on every corner, and they tend to be specific in focus, and often charge admission, and so on.

But I think you can broaden the idea of the Third Place a bit in an interesting way. What about an entity that, on a day-to-day basis, enriches the lives of the people in its community through education, inspiration, and community (albeit virtual)?

A museum exists for the first two, and there are plenty of traditional and nontraditional tools to help a museum accomplish the third. Marketing has a big part to play in all of that. And museums, I think, can only reap benefits from a more engaged and active audience.

I’ll also be writing about museums generally, marketing generally, science generally, and probably a bit of personal stuff from time to time.


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