I do non-museum stuff too, some of which I like to share. Rather than fill the main blog with it, I’ll start posting those things here.

Debate a Robot
My new web series, which is pretty much what it says on the tin: An average fellow and a robot bent on taking over the world debate issues great and small. It periodically descends into interpersonal squabbles, attempts to conquer the world, exploitation of irrational fears, and general mockery, making it an accurate microcosm of the world we live in.

Episode 1: Ferns

Episode 2: Farting

Episode 3: Slavery

Episode 4: Horses

Episode 5: The NBA

Episode 6: Pi

Episode 7: Canada

Episode 8: Cats, the Musical

Episode 9: Marathons

Episode 10: Mary Worth

Episode 11: Stephen Fry

Episode 12: High Heels

Episode 13: Carrot Top

Episode 14: The Media

Episode 15: Calamari

Episode 16: Isaac Asimov

Episode 17: Contractions

Older Stuff
For about five years, I was part of a comedy troupe called Three Legged Race. While that group is sadly defunct now, some of our work is still on Youtube.

As are some of my original music (I’m a better lyricist than musician, but I enjoy it) and other stuff.

Some of my writing is archived at, but this site is replacing that one.


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