Published Works

A selection of my published articles:

Summer Reading Levels Up,” American Libraries, November/December 2011. An article about two libraries that turned their traditional summer reading programs into summer games, delighting their patrons and improving the programs’ effectiveness at achieving their goals.

Turning Bean-Counters into Tree Huggers,” American Libraries Green Your Library blog, June 25, 2011. A report of a session at the 2011 ALA Annual Conference about the Make it Right Foundation’s work in rebuilding New Orleans’ Ninth Ward, as well as how to demonstrate and quantify the value of sustainable construction practices.

Revisiting 10 Reasons” and “10 Ways Libraries Matter in a Digital Age,” American Libraries Inside Scoop blog, April 15, 2011 and May 4, 2011. These were written in response to unflattering coverage on the BoingBoing blog of a poster that was based on a now-dated article published in American Libraries a decade ago. The first post acknowledged how poorly the original article had aged, and solicited reader suggestions for how to update it; I incorporated those suggestions, as well as those of my colleagues and my own, into the second article.

2011 Library Design Showcase,” American Libraries, March/April 2011. This annual review of new and renovated libraries is consistently the most-read feature of the year.


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