A Big Transition

Last week was another in a fairly long line of eventful weeks. First was the wedding of a very good friend. And then, on Monday, I quit my job.

The two are only slightly related, by time and by the fact that the former has served as a guidepost for the past year. I’ve been planning this for the past year or so, and early on I made the decision that the wedding would serve as the division point between employed and not. (Or, more accurately, employed and on-my-way-out, since my resignation is effective after the magazine finishes its current issue, May 25.)

Yes, this is terrifying. I don’t have another job lined up yet. I’ve been looking for the past year, and had enough nibbles that I’m optimistic. And naturally, having planned for this for a year I’m reasonably prepared.

Why? I wouldn’t say that my current employer is a bad place to work. Obviously, I’m looking to get into the museum field, where my current position isn’t. And it reached the point where the current position, and its demands on my life, and the unproductive comfort of a steady but unhappy paycheck, are becoming an impediment to getting a new one.

I am excited to become a full-time job- and gig-hunter. There are plenty of projects that I’ve been putting off, both personal and professional, because of the finite quantity of hours each day. Some of them will, no doubt, show up here.

And of course, if you’re looking for a marketing/communications person for your museum, here’s my resume. I’m currently based in Chicago, but quite able to relocate.

Here’s to whatever comes!

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