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Pinterest for Museums, Part 2: Museums Currently on Pinterest

See part 1 of this series for Pinterest basics. While Pinterest has gotten plenty of buzz lately, it’s still relatively new in the consciousness of the vast majority of people. The majority of museums aren’t there, at least not yet. … Continue reading

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Pinterest for Museums, Part 1: The Basics

Having noticed Pinterest making a dent in my social media streams, I’ve been exploring the site over the past couple of weeks. Is it something of value for museums? There’s certainly some potential. So this is the first in a … Continue reading

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Link Dump Sunday: Maybe a Quiet Week This Time Edition

It’s been a lengthy month. And while I thought that this week would be easier, this happened. Oh well; perhaps next week will get less tumultuous. But until that, here’s some cool stuff I saw in the past week. From … Continue reading

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Reflections on a Robbery

Forgive the indulgence of an almost completely personal post. But, you know, something happened, and writing is a good way to deal with it. The something: two days ago, at the gym, my bag was stolen. It had my phone, … Continue reading

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A Note to Any Potential Employers

This is a massive longshot, but it’s the only likely option. My phone (and some other things) was stolen today. So, if you got my resume, Googled me and got here, and have reached the conclusion that you want to … Continue reading

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Innovation and Conversations About Status

One bit of professional reading for my current position has stuck with me for a few weeks. It was a couple of blog posts about change, and specifically, about the notion that people who resist change can have genuine concerns … Continue reading

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Link Dump Sunday: Pre-President’s Edition

Ah, President’s Day. What passions dost thou inflame? OK, not much, although I do get the day off, which is quite nice. So here’s the link dump: Center for the Future of Museums has a well-done essay on science museums … Continue reading

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